About Us

Your hosts, Carlos + Carolina. Married for a tender 9 years and counting. Proud parents to our three children, two boys and a girl. He is the funny, cool, and decision maker part of the pair; she is the heart, detailed, and big dreamer.

Together, we are Cocalled, carrying out the vision God has for our marriage and encouraging others to do the same. In marriage, if we allow ourselves, we are constantly learning and evolving. Cocalled is a collection of our stories and the lessons we have learned.

We started this podcast because we don’t want to wait 20/30/40 years to share the things that have worked for us and the things that have helped us grow. In this fast, modern, and ever-changing world, we want to encourage other young couples to slow down, have the hard conversations, and be everything God intended their marriage to be.

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@carlosflores @carolinadiplanflores